Aug. 27, 2015
Ray Bringham
Owner, Top Notch Timbering – Pennsylvania USA

In all of my logger's life, I’ve never came across another product that saved me more time and money. I would not log without a Swiroll now.
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June 25, 2015
Mario Rainville
Tech mec. Abitibi Bowater Girardville

We have a cant turner at our Girardville plant. The original hydraulic setup of this machine was causing lots of downtime. About every two weeks, a hose failure would cause ...
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April 1, 2012
Robert Young
Owner Young Logging - Huntsville AK

A little more than a year ago, I added a Kenworth T800 truck equipped with an Olympic Log Loader to my fleet. This is a really good machine for carrying ...
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Aug. 1, 2010
Brian Luck
Maintenance Coordinator, Softwood Logging Services (Western Australia)

A full year of operation with the Taimi swivels now. We are very satisfied with the product. They are without a doubt the most reliable swivels we have ever used ...
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Oct. 1, 2009
Terry Grosse
Maintenance Manager, Softwood Logging Services ( Western Australia)

Softwood Logging Services has been an established logging company in Western Australia for approximately 15 years, in this time we have grown from crews of hand fallers to completely mechanized ...
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Jan. 1, 2009
Adrien Sirois

In October 2007, we equipped our Valmet 921 and sawhead with TAIMI hydraulics products. All moving hoses are now fitted with Taimi Swiwell Cartridges, including the feed roller motors. We ...
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