Got equipment using hydraulics and swivels?

Reduce the costs of swivel replacement, increase hose life and increase your bottom line.

Taimi Swivels are the toughest out there. An independent lab test proved our years of field history results right: Taimi swivels will far outlast any other swivel on the market.

The cost of ownership of a Taimi swivel is the lowest compared to any other swivel. Acquisition cost, although higher, is not the most important part of the equation. Taimi swivels are the cheapest swivels ‘by the hour’ on the market today.

See how much you can save by switching to Taimi Swivels

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About this calculator

Cost of swivels and hoses is based on average published list prices.
For the purpose of this calculator, a harvester head has 2 x 1" lines and 2 x 3/4'' lines, and a disc saw felling head has 5 x 3/4'' lines and 2 x 1'' lines.
It is estimated that replacing a hose on logging equipment will cause a 15 minute downtime on average at $200, or €200 per hour.
It is estimated that 0.25 gallons of oil is lost every time a hose is replaced. Price of hydraulic oil is estimated at $15 per gallon, or €8 per litre.
Cost of hose replacement due to twisting and wear is estimated at $0.50 or €0.50 per hose, per hour without swivels, and $.10, or €0.10 per hour,per hose with swivels.

This calculator is only intended to help users understand how various hydraulic setups can increase or decrease operation costs.
Results and actual savings may vary depending on: machine, operating pressure, operator, outside temperature and other factors.