Advantages of using Taimi products

Why choose Taimi?

  • Better wear resistance: Replacement factor is about 1:10 compared to standard ball bearing swivels
  • Withstand high pressure: Operating pressure of 6250 PSI (430 BAR) for all sizes up to 1 inch -16) with Pressure Spike Protection™
  • Better side load resistance: Larger surface contact area provides better load distribution
  • Fewer hydraulic leaks: Taimi's unique ball-less design swivel will not leak for a very long time
  • Easy maintenance: Taimi swivels are easy and inexpensive to rebuild
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Impusle cycle failure

Taimi's unique ball-less design swivel products brings reliability to your hydraulic systems, increasing service life and cutting out leakages. This translates in higher productivity and lower operating costs.

 TAIMI's Technology Explained

Using Taimi products will also reduce the environmental impacts of your machine in a significant manner. Our products can easily be installed on machines that are currently in use. Even more, using Taimi products at the machine design stage often allows for a reduction in its manufacturing costs.

Swivels Comparaison Chart